Pearls some people say invite success, make you calm, increase focus and relieve stress …

Our dictionaries define “quotations” as “citations”, “clippings”, “cuttings”, “extracts”, “references” etc. Unfortunately, these definitions do not bring out clearly the real nature of quotations. Luckily for us we have comments from others who attempted to define the nature or usage of quotations as “the wisdom of the ages”.

You may wonder why we concern ourselves with famous quotations We do so because they are useful for our understanding or wisdom. They are good for fun, for teaching, for school examinations, or as part of an eloquent speech by politicians or debaters. Above all, and most importantly, quotations can serve to lift up or comfort our souls when sad, angry, disturbed etc.

Quotations may be likened to music or poetry, for solving basic human problems which occur from time to time. Quotations can be secular, or religious. There are many important and memorable quotations from the Bible and from famous personalities such as Shakespeare. Some quotations are memorable but not important and vice versa. A quotation may be in French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin or Spanish depending on the source which is likely to be known by many readers. But they do have great and personal significance to many of us in our private lives.

Quotations  are not exhaustive and can only form a part of PEARLS or a collection of gemstones for our lives. May your hearts and souls be touched positively by reading them.Amen.

Today, we can tell you that we have been through the four seasons of life! Not once or twice but many times over. And we are still counting because THAT’S LIFE –a la Sinatra. But life with all its ups and downs is still a gift to each of us. Even when we feel disturbed and depressed we can still lift up our heads high and thank God for His great gift. One of the wonders of our lives is that we can always find a way out of our troubles and moods. We are not at the mercy of life and we can learn from our experiences and the experiences of others through quotations. We can then adopt new strategies and new lifestyles to beat whatever difficulties we face and move on

PEARLS (“Pearls of wisdom”) is a collection of useful quotations from some of the world’s wisest people living and who ever lived. These include statesmen, politicians, philosophers, writers, scientists, actors, musicians, poets etc.

Pearls will definitely be useful for fellow bloggers, students, teachers, preachers, parents, politicians and all those who regard learning as the nobler aspect of life. They can be used for increasing faith, thanksgiving, seeking peace, finding love, power regeneration, renewing promise or hope, encouraging or comforting ourselves, increasing friendships, joys and patience. They are words of wisdom and exhortations of grace from the earliest times through the ages.

Pearls will encourage us to find the strength, the space, the energy, the support, the control and ultimately, the balm we need to press on. Pearls should also remind all of us that what really matters is a close and personal life with God, love for fellow human beings, a thankful heart and ability to count all blessings God provided for our living spaces.

Personally, if we had not compiled Pearls it would have been the greatest joke or disservice to a wonderful life that has been artistically good to us. We love to stay awake at night, like now, in quiet bliss or solitude, thanking God for a truly calm life, a beautiful wife and very intelligent children.

So, to God, without the slightest atom of pride we say thank you Father for we are extremely grateful. Pearls, in a way tells the simple story of our lives in your benevolent hands and what you have molded us to be. Amen.

Yes, Pearls are the several four seasons of our lives. But can they be useful to you too?



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