I’m 23 years old…

I am Blaq

…and teething.

I woke up on Thursday morning with a slight discomfort in my mouth which grew into pains when I started brushing my teeth. My extreme lower right gum was sore and it became immediately obvious that I was teething. At 23. Almost 24 really.

I went to work still but by the middle of the day, the pain extended to my right jaw and my neck. It felt like half of my face was paralysed.

I can’t laugh, cough or sneeze. Nor can I chew or swallow. Drinking water is a hardship and eating a punishment. Actually, I can do all these but not without some amount of pain.

This is the weirdest thing that has happened to me recently and nobody is taking it (or me for that matter) seriously. When I told my Mum, she only looked up long enough to tell me “sorry” before returning…

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