I know some males like Sochukwuma. Maybe not closely, but I can say a little about their sexuality. Describing the swaying of their hips and fluttering hands while they spoke may not come that easy. But I will like to separate “phenotypic behaviour” from lifestyle (homosexual lifestyle). Are they really gays? Can we possibly say they are gays because of those feminine uncontrollable gesticulations that make up their “phenotypic behaviour”? I doubt.

Is it possible they are not abnormal? I think Is it possible they are not abnormal? I think it’s a behaviour not a lifestyle. I am not so sure. Maybe such behaviour are results of some kind of wrong gene expressions. Humility is accepting the things we don’t know and humanity is finding out why things like that are. Sochukwuma could have had such behaviours but may not have been a homosexual except if there is evidence that he became the ‘expected’ as an adult. I think I know a couple of guys out there with such “physical gesticulations” who have girlfriends. They are not gays. At all. As a matter of fact, they are way into heterosexual life that you may need beg them to give a break.

I am not so much in support of the new law against URANISM. Maybe because I wonder what will become of someone put behind bars after 14years. Or maybe because of the jungle justice that will be vested on those indicted. Our democracy is a failure. Yes! “The mark of a true democracy is not in the rule of its majority but in the protection of its minority.” how about if the minority is wrong? Do we protect them? So I would say the mark of true democracy lies in upholding good moral standard based on our God given conscience not by protecting the majority or minority. Mob action is wrong and no justice at all because no single man or group of persons have the right to take another man’s life without trial by a court or a legal system. An unjust law is no law at all. The law could be unconstitutional. Yes, it is ambiguous and could be seen as strange priority or even a misplaced one but what do we propose as a means to protect us from this ‘ill’?

Many would like to think otherwise, the very existence of our society depends upon each individual contributing to the survival and well-being of all. No one — except the old, the sick, the handicapped — has ever been exempt from leading a productive life. What happened to the primitive societies where the good man hunted for the sustenance of the entire tribe and the good woman bore and reared children to ensure the survival of their kind? In modern culture, the roles have changed in superficial ways, but until recently have remained essentially the same. Good citizens led productive lives and brought children into the world to replenish the community with virtue. Accommodating and accepting benign differences means accepting the fact that ‘Freeman Patterson’ chose to be male since he was born with a male organ even with fully developed breast, a womb and every other female hormones present. Not Uranism! But we shouldn’t criminalize it because people will take other people’s lives as a result.

A crime is a crime because it has victims and harms the society. Adults can actually harm the society in how they love( why make love through the anus?), where they make love( do we have to do it in wonderland park with those kids playing around?),and whom they love(do you have to do it with the same sex?).

The law will not prevent Uranism just like our law against robbery has not prevented it. But it will help reduce it. We should actually change towards doing what is right,not just knowing it. Nigerians still engage in jungle justice on suspected robbers. How right is jungle justice because it is vested on suspected robbers? Lets say NO to the wrong!! And that will start by everyone of us changing our thought processes!!! The society may not even be right in directing us as to what is right but our conscience is always there as a handy guide. Unfortunately, we never use it.

Are homosexuals troubled today because society unreasonably discriminates against them or are they more frequently pathological and distressed due to a psychology shaped by their choices and experience?

Several lines of evidence suggest that the personality problems of gays are not a consequence of societal rejection, but ‘part and parcel’ of living the homosexual life. Furthermore, discrimination against those with homosexual inclinations, like discrimination against the able-bodied who refuse to work, is both necessary for the greater good of society and the individual himself. In fact, such discrimination is an attempt to prevent persons tempted by homosexuality from suffering the pathologies it induces. An individual can actually be tempted into doing this act if our society accepts it. Have we thought about it?

Becoming a homosexual involves a tremendous amount of reverse socialization. Almost every child is taught to avoid faeces. Potty training explicitly teaches one to regard faeces as ‘dirty,’ disgusting, and unhealthy. Yet most homosexuals eventually learn to immerse themselves in faeces. Past surveys suggest the following typical sequential development of gay activity. The median age for gays when their genitals are first manipulated by another male is 13. In about two more years the anus is first used for sex rather than biological relief; and in another year or two the anus is licked for ‘sexual fun.’ How interesting is it?

By age 21 most gays “have come a long way.” They have learned to seek and enjoy activities that would have sickened them as children. Some go on to “bigger thrills” like sadomasochism, fisting (where the fist is placed up the rectum). Medically speaking, it doesn’t matter whether you pursue such activity for “fun” or ingest waste because your salad wasn’t washed — exposure to faeces is unhealthy. Psychologically, to undo the hygienic training of childhood in pursuit of adult sexual pleasure literally “turns all the rules upside down.” I once asked my Mentor, Professor Kelechi Ogbuehi, in a discussion with him on the topic; how will you feel if your son turns gay? He had his answers.

Given the biologically and psychologically unhealthy nature of such activity, it is not surprising that the younger a person “locks into” a gay identity, the more disturbed he is apt to be. Remafedi performed two studies of “gay youth.” A 1987 study of 29 such youngsters led him to conclude that the: “very experience of acquiring a homosexual or bisexual identity at an early age places the individual at risk for dysfunction. This conclusion is strongly supported by the data.”

His 1991 study of 137 gay and bisexual youth aged 14 to 21 reinforced his previous finding:“For each year’s delay in bisexual or homosexual self-labeling, the odds of a suicide attempt diminished by 80%. These findings support a previously observed, inverse relationship between psycho-social problems and the age of acquiring a homosexual identity.”

Over the past 50 years, 5 studies have compared substantial numbers of homosexuals and heterosexuals. All generated results suggesting greater social disruption by gays. In the Kinsey survey, general prison inmates (excluding those incarcerated for sexual offenses) were over 4 times more apt to have extensive homosexual experience than his control group. Saghir and Robins compared 146 gays with 78 heterosexuals and reported less stability (more lovers, more job-changing) and more criminality among homosexuals.

Bell and Weinberg contrasted 979 gays with 477 heterosexuals and found more instability (psychiatric, marital) and more criminality among gays. Cameron and Ross questionnaired 2,251 randomly-obtained respondents and reported that heterosexuals evidenced more social cohesion (numbers and kinds of intimate relationships), less self-destructive behavior (smoking, drug use, suicide attempts), and posed less danger to others (via driving habits, deliberate killing).

The largest comparison of gays and straights on a wide range of topics and based on a random sample involved 4,340 adults in 5 U.S. metropolitan areas. Comparing those of both sexes who claimed to be bisexual or homosexual versus those of both sexes who claimed to be exclusively heterosexual revealed that homosexuals were about twice as apt to report having had a sexually transmitted disease (STD); and over twice as apt to have had at least 2 STDs; homosexuals were about 5 times more apt to have tried to deliberately infect another with an STD; homosexuals were about a third more apt to report a traffic ticket or traffic accident in the past 5 years; homosexuals were 3 times as likely to have attempted suicide, 4 times more apt to have attempted to kill someone, and about twice as likely to have been involved in a physical fight in the past year;homosexuals were about 5 times more apt to have engaged in torture-related sex (sadomasochism, bondage) just like Ted Bundy did to his victims; and homosexuals were about 4 times more likely to report having been raped.

Homosexuals were about twice as likely to have been arrested for a non-sexual crime and about 8 times more apt to have been arrested for a sexual crime; homosexuals were about twice as apt to have been convicted of a sexual crime and about twice as likely to have been jailed for a crime; homosexuals were about three times more likely to admit to having made an obscene phone call; and homosexuals were about 50% more apt to claim that they had recently shoplifted, cheated on their income tax, or not been caught for a crime.

Only about half as many homosexuals had gotten married and, if married, were much less apt to have children; homosexuals averaged less than a year of sexual fidelity within either their longest homosexual or heterosexual relationship (heterosexuals averaged between 5 to 10 years of fidelity); and if married, homosexuals were about 3 times more likely to cheat on their spouse.

So lets compare these studies and choose what we think is right,based on our conscience without minding what is the next person’s opinion.

These results echo the largest comparative study of straight and gay couples, which reported that the average length of time together averaged about 3 years for gay and lesbian couples vs. 10 years for married heterosexuals. Additionally, “cheating” was inevitable: “all [gay] couples with a relationship lasting more than five years have incorporated some provision for outside sexual activity.”

While reverse socialization explains a significant portion of the pathologies exhibited by homosexuals, their comparative lack of social cohesion is important also. A national survey of 5,182 adults analyzed the gender, age, and kinds of people nominated as being intimately related to the respondent. Compared to heterosexuals, homosexuals exhibited less “relational connected-ness” to those of the opposite sex or in different generations. 70% of the intimates reported by homosexuals were their sex as compared to 47% for heterosexuals. And while 35% of heterosexuals’ intimates were more than 20 years older or younger than the respondent, only half as many of the homosexuals’ intimates were.

Homosexuals more narrowly focused their affections and interests on those of their own age and sex; they tended to be, like adolescents, peer oriented. Fully 38% of the intimates of heterosexuals were inter-generation blood relatives (e.g., parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, etc.). Only 17% of homosexuals’ intimates fell in the same categories. By contrast, 47% of homosexuals’ intimates were unrelated friends or neighbors, compared to only 27% of heterosexuals’ intimates.

Are we not supposed to learn to care for and care about those who are different from ourselves? Homosexuals fail to display the kind of connected-ness between sexes, generations, and social classes that leads to social harmony. If we are too focused on “people like us,” we help to divide society into competing groups instead of a fabric of interwoven and connected interests.

In the 1940s, Kinsey reported that about two-thirds of gays had engaged in anal/penile contact, and 59% of gays and 18% of lesbians had participated in oral/anal activity (where the tongue is put in the anus). San Francisco decriminalized and then accepted homosexuality. When the Kinsey Institute did a survey there in 1970, 96% of gays admitted to anal/penile contact, and 89% of the gays and 25% of the lesbians to oral/anal activity. Lifting the restraints upon homosexual activity appears to have increased the exposure to biological danger among those with homosexual desires. So what this simply means is that even a child who wouldn’t have known about the act of homosexuality stood the chance of getting involved should the society embrace it. What are we even saying?

In the 1940s, 7% of gays and 63% of lesbians said that they had never had a ‘one night stand,’ while 42% of the gays and 7% of the lesbians said that “over half of their partners had been ‘one night stands’. By 1970 only 1% of gays and 38% of lesbians said that they had never had a ‘one night stand,’ and 70% of gays and 29% of lesbians reported that they had had sex only once with over half of their partners! What are we promoting?
Acceptance did not necessarily make homosexuals’ lives better: 35% of gays (vs.11% of heterosexual men) and 37% of lesbians (vs. 24% of heterosexual women) had either seriously considered or attempted suicide. So is suicide a crime? Of homosexuals who had attempted suicide, the most frequent reason — which accounted for 47% of all attempts — was disagreements with a lover.

Furthermore, although these “liberated” gays reported many more lifetime sexual partners than the homosexuals interviewed in the 1940s (a median of 250+ compared to a median of 20), twice as many homosexuals as heterosexuals (15.6% vs. 8.4%) reported having “often” felt “very lonely” in the past month.
This pattern of “liberation and acceptance” leading to greater excesses was echoed in the results of a 1991 survey by the San Francisco Department of Public Health on the sexual risk-taking of young gay men. As the Los Angeles Times reported, each succeeding generation “is behaving more dangerously than the one before.” So this is what we should subject the same generation we are trying to make future leaders to?

It’s not really about believing the Bible condemns Uranism but accepting the harm it could cause us. Is there any place in the Bible where Anal sex was condemned? I don’t know the Bible so well though. Is Anal sex so cool since the Bible didn’t condemn it? If we make the Bible the basis of our personal lives and abide by its teaching, then we wouldn’t need these laws to further deter us. The truth is that we don’t even regard the Bible laws hence we also made further behaviour regulatory laws. The holy books of different religions do not have equal significance for all Nigerians. They are also read differently by different people. But how many of those books promote Uranism? The fact that fornication,adultery and divorce are not crimes doesn’t mean we should embrace them. This is where our conscience comes into play. Let me ask: where is the one person that had pre marital sex or committed adultery without the feeling of guilt? Irrespective of our religion, we have at one point or the other felt a suffocating guilt that moment we got it off our system. Now that’s our conscience in play and most times we don’t listen to it. So you choose. The majority decision or direction is not the basis for right or wrong. Or for what is normal or abnormal. I agree we are diverse,multi-faceted species or you can even say ‘progressives’. We are adventurous, with so much desire to make findings. Hence, we discovered sticking the penis into the wrong hole;we discovered using our tongues in the wrong places;we discovered trying it with dogs and other animals; we have even invented robots and are currently trying to programme emotions into them. To what ends?

Being diverse also means that my wife can wake up someday and say she is not so cool with how I make love to her. She would prefer trying new things with a robot in a new adventure escapade. Same with myself because I may actually have gotten tired of her sagged breast at 50 and at that point will prefer doing it with a female-all-breast-standing robot. I don’t think the holy books condemned doing it with a female robot. So I could get one for my wife and buy one for myself. So I could also get one for my daughter when she approaches puberty as a replacement to having natural sex with a male when she is horny. How about masturbation? Did the holy books condemn it? Does the fact that studies revealed that men who have regular sex or maturbate are less likely to have postrate cancer mean we should enhance/improve our hand to pen relationship? To what ends?

Pedophilia is different from homosexuality. It is a trans-gender issue and cuts across us. It is wrong. We say it’s wrong because the child isn’t old enough to give sexual consent. Does that mean it is right, doing it with that married woman in your office who gave you the consent based on mutual attraction?

The Nigerian culture is yet to totally accept homosexuality. Whether it is African or non-african, western or Arab culture. The limited evidence available suggests that where social and legal acceptance has been implemented, the problems associated with homosexuality have increased rather than dissipated. Cutting the bonds of sexual restraint do not “free” the homosexual to live life to its fullest, but rather increase his chances of personal misery and isolation.

The passage of the law may be ‘unafrican’, maybe it goes against the values of tolerance and ‘live and let live’ but before we conclude on that, please join me in a study:

Let us isolate two babies, male and female. Then train them to the age of 18 without any of them getting in contact with the opposite sex. In other words,once weaned, they will attend schools and live in male and female environments respectively, in isolation of the opposite sex without even the smallest knowledge the opposite sex exists.

At that age of 18, we will bring the two males into an environment where they can socialise with other sexes. Two important research questions would be:
1)Who do we think the male will be attracted to,the female or his fellow male?
2)Who do we think the female will be attracted to, the male or her fellow female?
3)When they want to have sex, will the male stick his penis in the female’s anus or her vagina?

There are so much more questions we could ask but the point is simple. You don’t need to tell the male where to put it. Nature does that. So many other things we see today are products of man’s unnecessary adventure and in the process, we have nurtured an “ill” that will live and remain with us. Gay people have existed as long as humans have existed, they have been a small percentage of the human population that redefined human sexual adventure. The reason is that we are adventurous. What matters is that Sochukwuma is Nigerian and exhibited those feminine gesticulations/behaviour and his existence is not a crime because he may not have been a homosexual. He may be living a heterosexual life. Find out.



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